The Rothschilds; the Dark Lord’s Blood Bank. April 13, 2011

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‘Cry havoc (in alimentary panic) and let loose the dogs of tofu; thus does Cochise make cowboys of us all’.

I haven’t got much personally or historically to say about The Rothschilds, except to name them as Satan’s bankers; financial bondage freaks, hanging the world from metal flesh skewers till it is bled dry. Fritz Springmeier said most of what needed to be said on the subject and now languishes in maximum security prison, questionably accused and sub rosa convicted of bank robbery, in consort with some political extremists. John S. Torell wrote that last piece of shit and checking him out tells you all you need to know about him. In this article Torell let’s us know who cashes his checks. I do not know Springmeier well, so I can’t go out on a limb and paint him with integrity, though my gut feeling says he was probably framed for the bank job. I got the same treatment a couple of times, when I made too much noise in my kundalini awakened youth. If you need anything further on The Rothschilds, you can go read or listen to some Eustace Mullins. You’ll then be as informed as anyone can be who has visited the toilet feed of usury in the sewers of human darkness.

That’s the thing with Prince’s of Evil. No doubt they think they are glamorous but they’ve got all the élan and smooth muscle action of a bowel movement through a constipated and angry centipede, with its own reality TV show. Whether it is buying pretentious titles, screwing the entire world as dynastic vocation, or simply waging wars that result in millions of dead for personal profit, the Rothschilds are supreme. Ask yourself why no Rothschild, Warburg or Schiff shows up in the Forbes list or any other list of the richest on Earth.

I can’t speak about The Rothschilds and the other families, either intermarrying or wedding their first cousins, without talking about The Occult. The Star of David (seal of Solomon), co-opted by the Rothschilds, for the Crime Syndicate of Israel is not a natural possession of these vampire centipedes. The Star of David essentially symbolizes the triangle of Heaven interlocked with the triangle of Earth and is a sigil for The Macroprosopus. Eliphas Levi would be one who was exceedingly well informed about these matters.

Let us consider the Kabala. Being one who has looked pretty deeply into things of this order; The Sacred Magic of Abremalin the Mage and many another dusty tome of mechanisms for manipulating the material plane and occasionally rising above it, I’ve got my own take on what’s happening with magical activity on the part of The Rothschilds and those they manipulate by mysterious and less than mysterious means. Think of The Kabala as a sort of magical abacus, or even a ladder that runs in two directions. You can well consider Jacob’s ladder here because it is very relevant. You’re dealing with a series of magical steps, taken to rise to the conversation of angels and approach the seat of divinity. I’m speaking from experience, so, I can tell you there are systems that provide the means and accomplish the results sought, given the proper mindset.

Anything that goes up, goes down. Any system, no matter how benign, which promises elevation in consciousness and being to rarified states, also has a descending, shadow side. The Kabala is something that works according to the will of the practitioner, although its original intent was certainly something else. The present status of the world, under the thrall of demon fellowships and assorted deals made and under consideration is because of the state of the times; dark times, dark activities. You take something whose original purpose was to illuminate the mortal mind and reverse the process, preempting the essential power itself and you get illuminati.

It matters not to me what the reader believes concerning these things. The proof is there to be seen by any pair of eyes that are not compromised by the misleading advertisements of those using appetite and desire to enslave humanity. We come to the root of the matter; money. If there is a Dark Lord, that’s one of his principal power totems. You might say it is the base element out of which so many compounds proceed. I don’t think you have to be taken up on a mountain and have it all offered to you to understand the timeless verity that eternally expresses itself in the variations of civilization, as it lurches to both sides in its search for the middle ground and with every lurch, materializes gold and the present and future blood and industry of the terminally enslaved, with impossible dream dust in their eyes. You don’t actually get what you’re after until you’ve made the arrangement to become a diabolical and conscienceless fiend.

We’re dwelling in a landscape of oxymoronic euphemisms, a sort of ass-backwards, falling forward into a short-sheeted future that never comes except with blanket parties …and ‘ass backward’, or possibly, ‘ass inwards’, should more properly be the crest of The Rothschilds because it covers all of their actions, public and private on every level. There’s a certain ritual engaged in by those seeking to serve Baphomet veiled and there’s no question that The Rothschilds are familiar with it. It’s all about where you put your lips in swearing fealty. You can get a good long run out of the ass end of cosmic force, so long as the age continues, in which you made your arrangements. However, all such arrangements are time sensitive and run out. Any fool who believes that anyone can rule in Hell instead of serving in Heaven, as a viable option, is a fool indeed. I warrant there are exceptions but that occurs when the human unit is big time possessed for certain reasons.

The good news is that you are only dealing with a pack of cards. These personalities and engines of material torment are present for a variety of reasons, most principally to engender your fear. When you can get past that, they are powerless.

I know some people don’t like it when I say, “it’s all under control”, “everything happens for a reason” and that “we are the cause of our own distress” but it’s what I’ve discovered to this point. I could be wrong but I’ve also noted that what I have discovered is paralleled in most ancient texts. Much of what I discovered, I discovered ‘before’ I was exposed to any of the literature and teachings that later appeared to validate my experiences and conclusions. I’m guessing there was a reason for this because there is a reason for everything and that leaves you with two kinds of people, generally; those who understand the inflexible dynamics of the universe and those who can’t find the reason or for whom the reason does not match the template they demand. Maybe that makes two kinds with one sub-division (grin). We’re not considering the, ‘too stupid to care or inquire’ here. That demographic is floating on wooden rafts upon the great sea of the slow, slow evolutionary imperative, with pain as the course instructor. Many of them are the foot soldiers of The Rothschilds and those who work for them. There’s another group in there somewhere that can see the presence of lies and all manner of criminal behavior but they’ve suspended their moral compass for personal profit from the trough. They’re pigs in swine paradise with all that that implies.

It’s the relative degree of collective corruption that makes the fertile breeding ground for Rothschilds and all that they are and do. Humanity grants them freedom through hope or stupidity; hope, meaning that maybe they will catch some of the crumbs from the feast of their betters and stupid needs no explanation; most of the time they get less than nothing and deserve at least that.

You can’t really measure the evil of something like The Rothschilds. I will say that there is a definite link between penis size and the size of one’s appetite for money and power. Old Scratch tends to make sure that certain deficiencies are made up by other means. I’m not being imaginative here. This is a ‘generalized’ truism of sorts, the same way that impotence is a feature of sexual psychopaths, under the ordinary conditions of congress. It also explains Donald Trump’s hair and his taste in women (no offense intended, I don’t think).

The Rothschilds are going to be struck down hard shortly and it can’t come soon enough. Their power is being removed; the power to carry on as they have and the power to protect themselves because, “even the devil is transformed into an angel of light at the given moment, be not deceived”.

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Patrick Willis narrates:
The Big One