Orders from Hell; the Western Zio-Ogre Judiciary. April 25, 2011

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‘May your noses still function when you reach the cosmic junction’.

I was going to address Butch Napolitano and Pissoff Pistole today along with the TSA; tits, slits and asses but I want to approach an even greater evil which makes possible the functioning of TSA and Homeland Insecurity, that is the judicial system in most western countries that are under the control of the Zio-Ogres and assisted in process by Zio-Ogre lawyers. It’s a tight club and that the ZioNazi’s run it is beyond dispute.

Their first objective was the holocaust laws followed by orchestrated hate crimes done by the Zio-Ogre infantry. Just a small aside, even though the TSA is molesting children both for personal pleasure and as a means of indoctrination; a sort of dual purpose grooming, the real intent is to check the tastiness and edibility of the children’s flesh level for the pot. It’s what Ogres do. What they did with their holocaust laws was to make the questioning of their version of what happened during ‘the war’ sacrosanct and undeniable. What this means is that it doesn’t matter how many irrefutable facts you may have, the law says you can’t question, period. This fact escapes many people. You are not allowed to mount a defense and it is inadmissible in any and all cases.

The purpose of torturing German soldiers was a Rothschild construct for the greater argument of a Jewish homeland, placed where there were a people with land for a people who needed to steal it. In truth, it has nothing to do with founding a Jewish homeland and the, once again, irrefutable fact is that they had no claim to that region in any case. The original people of the Bible were already living there. It just so happens that they followed the religious imperative of Islam, which followed historically upon its archaic and no longer relevant predecessors, unless you are talking about Christianity, which ceased to be Christianity about the 4th century AD. Whether Islam is still Islam is also now in dispute, if you happen to be rational and well read.

The purpose of the Jewish homeland was to arrange for a sovereign state that could operate a criminal banking cartel with the impunity of a nation.

The most grievous injury to a free and vibrant culture, at this time in the west, is the judiciary system. They enforce the laws, which means the laws are only as relevant as they decide them to be according to their own agendas.

The same people running the judiciaries of the west are the same people who did 9/11. This gave them even more opportunity to exercise their control of the laws and how they are applied and led directly to the creation of Homeland Insecurity and the TSA. It’s a prison planet schematic and it’s in full bore right now. These same people control the illegal drug networks which ensure international delivery through law enforcement complicity and, in one case, generated a war to restore the poppy culture to Afghanistan. Part of the reason for this was to attack Russia and China with Heroin in a Opium War redux.

The push to gain control of Iran is really an indirect assault on Russia and China. Of course gas and oil come into the mix but they are not the sum of the motive of aggression, in those lands presently being harassed, poisoned and murdered for gain. There are all sorts of gains involved such as the aforementioned drug industry and geo-political advantage.

In most western lands there are divisions of judiciary running from local, to regional, to national. All of the top echelons are controlled by Zio-Ogre psychopaths, who see that the law is applied as they want it to be for their purposes. The case of James Traficant is one example. Other examples of nefarious conduct for the purpose of the greater ill were The Oklahoma City Bombing, done by Zio-Ogres in tandem with the FBI; Ruby Ridge and Waco. These were statements made for two reasons. One was to show that the heartland was not safe and the other was to create an aggression against all militia oriented and general resistance groups, who might complicate the prison nation industry.

What is also now happening is that there are a variety of laws coming down to assault the well being of the populace and to cause a massive death count and general ill health. These efforts also feed large profits into global food operations, the pharmaceutical industry, the prison industrial complex and assorted. There is a multi pronged attack taking place upon the well being of most western cultures, which also includes the educational system. People are being dumbed down and on the other hand denied entrance to high end educational systems, unless they are members of The Tribe or connected at some level.

All of this is being controlled and enforced by the judiciary and a plague of lawyers. The laws themselves come down from a controlled legislative branch and are assisted by a controlled administrative branch. The judiciary and enforcement ends are the shock troop consortium that you actually run into personally. It’s no accident that basketball hoops are being ripped off of people’s lawns. It’s no accident that the PC virus is allowed to infect life with impunity, concerning religion and freedom of speech. These are things the courts make possible and unassailable. The amount of Zio-Ogres sitting on the bench increase by the day and they are of one mind. The good news is that they are insane and will destroy themselves. The bad news is that they are insane and may well destroy you too.

As for the eastern cultures, they can be pacified with depleted uranium, nuclear accidents, drone attacks, outright military assaults and controlled revolution. That’s not actually going to be the result but it is the intent. Fighting back now, the east is unloading on the dollar and once that goes you are going to see the Hurdy Gurdy man meets Michael Myers and guys in hockey masks will also be in attendance.

Now, I realize I’ve painted a grim picture here but it is the picture you are in. This is going to change this year, though elements of it may endure a little longer. This is because The Cosmos is present and The Cosmos can beat up your daddy, no matter who your daddy is. All this is happening, while the Zio-Ogres continue their relentless press to get you to answer that timeless question; “who’s your daddy”?

You can talk all you want about your Illuminati but my guess is that you never took the time to study the occult history and actual players in the founding of this so called invisible order, the same way some number of people seem to know jack shit about The Masons. Your threat on the ground is the Zio-Ogres and anyone saying different, works for them or has been deluded by them. You can spend your time looking for the enemy, behind the enemy, behind the enemy, if you want to. Eventually you are looking into a pool of darkness that is the other side of a well of luminous light. That’s useful only if you’ve been chosen for that epic experience. In the meantime, you have to treat with what you can see in front of you and keep in mind how many people go off the road because they were thinking about something other than the road in front of them, occasionally having their senses compromised by the Zio-Ogres brew of choice for the masses; see Seagram’s and don’t forget your infected blankets.

I don’t know if it is a lack of information; a lack of insight or a lack of courage that motivates, or rather, fails to motivate the masses but it’s probably one or all of them. You want to be canon fodder and movable feasts at the table of demons, get in line but I don’t think you should go to your grave without knowing who put you there. Yes, it was yourself, when all is said and done but… you had help. You’ll have to figure out who your best assistant was and why they were helping you out; “oh, which way did you come in”?

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