The David Rockefeller, Ball and Chain, Armageddon Club March 11, 2011

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‘It’s said that a dog can die from a single hit, of concentrated Rockefeller shit’

I know you’re waiting for Kissinger to ooze onto the screen like one of the devil’s darkest wet dreams but The Ides of March are not yet at hand, on that day, that toad, will before you stand. But Toooooooday, we have D…D… D…. David Rockefeller, the brother of Kissinger’s mentor (Nelson) who shoehorned the skell on to the world stage as an emissary from Hell.

In any case David is higher up in the fellation order than Henry. I presume this in any case. One of the rumors you hear about The Chase Manhattan Bank is how they foreclosed on the mortgages of World War 2 widows in the time following the conflict. I don’t have access to the source where I originally read this but given that David is who he is, there is no evil so dark or depraved that he would not willingly be associated, were he to have the opportunity.

He wrote an obituary for Mao Tse Tung in which he praised the Chinese leader for his higher moral standards and also for his reign during which 60 million Chinese were killed. This dovetails right into the agenda closest to that location where his heart would reside, supposing he had one; eugenics.

Let us consider eugenics, as it relates to its purpose in the socio-political intentions of David. According to David there are too many people in the world. What this actually means is that the portion of wealth that David and people like him can control is reduced. It’s not the number amount of your wealth that counts. It’s the percentage of it as it applies to the wealth held by the rest of the world that counts. David’s vision is a world in which there are a great many less people on the planet and, of those remaining, the majority are in the servant class.

The true evils of a man like David Rockefeller are not the most obvious. Sure, he was probably involved in the decision to have Pearl Harbor attacked without warning, given his placement in the scheme of things at the time. Sure he was probably connected to 9/11 one way or another; directly, or through people he leveraged into place over time. Sure, he actively engaged in promoting wars around the world throughout his life and definitely, he and brother, Nelson visited the most terrible of conditions upon Latin and South America. They and the Rothschilds must have been stepping all over each other every time they turned around. Can I get a hearty, ‘Rio Tinto, te quiero’!

You probably cannot find any great evil of the last 6 decades that David didn’t have some kind of a hand in, profited from or approved of but the real impact of his presence isn’t noted as it should be. In a similar fashion to his brother’s draconian drug law when he was governor of New York, David’s association with The Free Trade Agreement had more to do with destroying America and the livelihoods of the poor and middle class Americans than anything else you can think of. You probably know it as NAFTA.

What this piece of legislation provided was the opportunity for American corporations to go into the 3rd world, set up factories, pay slave wages and reduce the cost and quality of a significant portion of imported goods consumed. This assisted in the destruction of the manufacturing base in the US …and you can imagine all of the other conditions that have resulted from this. Think about it. Take a moment and think about it and realize that that was David’s primary intention. David doesn’t give a damn about America or anywhere else. With David it is all about the bottom line and maximum profit with minimum expense, with human suffering thrown in for sexual gratification.

David’s favorite film is The Sixth Sense because of that one line in the movie. You can see David mouthing the words and sometimes becoming significantly audible, perhaps even rising from his chair as he says, “I see dead people! I see dead people”! He gets hard for the same reason Larry Silverstein does. Freudian psychiatry was not created for gentiles but sometimes a psychopath is just a psychopath.

Judaism is like classical Latin. One is a dead religion and the other is a dead language but the principles have been transposed into new forms and are the root of many modern follow-ups that are in use every day but people don’t notice. There’s a reason that they drive on the left hand side of the road in The Crown Colonies. There is a reason that Hebrew reads from right to left. There is a reason that German is the language of economics and that ties right into the wars with Germany. The Jews don’t exist as a specific race, they are a collection of tribes and one or two of them are bad news. These hang out in the crowd of the other tribes and do nasty shit and then work the Anti-Semitic counter thrust while having orchestrated the cause in the first place; ‘they cry out in pain when they strike you’.

David is one of these people. Pope Rottweiler is another. You don’t have to what is considered a Jew to be one of these and you don’t have to be a Latin country to have Latin as your root.

David founded the Trilateral Commission. This gives some idea of the power of the man. Yet when you hear him speak, or look at him, you think, “Hmmm, he’s not so much”. He doesn’t look the part. That’s a big part of it. David, The Bush Family Manson, members of The Tribe Psychopath and others, invested in and brought into being, The Third Reich. Then they set up the Holocaust Industry and mind control aftermath filled with myth, hysteria and the works while sacrificing some totem entities for the purpose of what has followed. The game has been afoot for a long time.

This is how it comes that the entirety of Jewry is painted as either the world’s biggest victim or altogether evil; neither of these are true. This is how the conditions manifesting in the bank bailouts and what Governor Walker and others are up to came about. This is how the endless series of straw men and non existent Al Qaeda stay in the news without cessation, presenting a target that can’t be hit, while this cabal performs all of the acts blamed on them. This is how the hearings against ‘all Muslims’ under the guise of terror prevention comes about. David’s got a hand in all of this and the Muslim angle is Ground Zero in his eugenics projections. David is our man in The New World and Rothschild is centered in the Old World and there are different cabals that usually go along to get along. Unfortunately for them, something new has arisen in their midst. The Joker is here. The divine as The God of Mischief has arrived and he is sowing the seeds of discord and exposure throughout the ranks. It’s nothing like it’s going to be very soon though; not hardly.

Don’t buy into all the unhappy horseshit of doom and gloom. It is certainly coming but selectively so; when it has to hit major groups of people that’s just a feature of awakening, where the evidence that it wasn’t going to occur, has required radical steps to insure it.

We really are on the threshold of an age of universal brotherhood and wonder. We are witness to one of the greatest periods to ever take place here, since it only comes around after a long time and is already long forgotten when it does return. The biggest blessing is the rare opportunity to travel into locations beyond present imagining. We are going to see some thing and experience some things that presently smack of science fiction and fantasy. Look into the past at all those enduring symbols and vanished civilizations that we have commonly understood interpretations of and remember… those interpretations are not accurate; not hardly.

David, you’re on your way out, any day now. You and a whole lot of your henchmen are also going to see and experience some things that presently smack of science fiction and fantasy; accent on smack. Where’s a double entendre when you need one?

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911 was an Inside Job by Les Visible