Sunbathing on The Sunless Riviera of the Devil’s Anus March 19, 2011

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“May your noses always be repelled by the smell of Rupert Murdoch”.

The UK probably has the biggest collection of slime rags per capita in the world and there are all sorts of players from the House of Lords; Lords Rothermere, Northcliffe, and Beaverbrook are a few and the disgraced Conrad Black from across the water. I’ve even left some out. To a man, they are all pro-Zionist and all qualify as Zio-Ogres. The degree of sleaze is breath-taking, garbage in and garbage out.

The Smut king of all time though, is Rupert Murdoch and here you get an idea of how far his Kingdom of Garbage and Swill extends. Rupert makes his home on the sunny side Riviera of The Devil’s Anus; a living hemorrhoidal entity, a King of Shit, crowned with a viral toilet bowl in the darkest regions of the Kali Yuga. You’d be hard pressed to find a more influential profile of evil anywhere in the world.

All of these base and heinous scoundrels come out of The Crown Colonies; England, Canada and Australia. Rupert comes out of Australia, where he must have been spawned in one of those hidden, experimental labs in The Outback, far from any living thing besides the random serial killers of Wolf Creek and nine tenths of the poisonous snakes in the world, centipedes, crocodiles …and assorted, all of whom had DNA extracted for the task. Of course you’d have to head for that strip from Cairns to Darwin to get the collection. People like Rupert are not born in any normal fashion. They are created by the same corrosive science that put all those nuclear reactors in Japan and then put them under the protection of Israeli security. What isn’t guarded by Israeli security? Your security and well being are two things that instantly come to mind. The reason Israeli security is there is because otherwise the biggest threat would be Israel, which it already is; irony?

Rupert Murdoch is the world media’s point man for Rothschild/Israeli interests on this planet. It appears they really do own the material world at the moment and are the main motivation for The Apocalypse.

Helen Thomas just failed the litmus test but I suppose she can be somewhat forgiven. She doesn’t even know who Glenn Beck is. I am guessing she has never looked too deeply beyond the margins of her basic interests and chosen task. She’s not much of a researcher. I like how she noted that the Playboy interviewer was a Jew and pointed out several other tangential associations of the same. She doesn’t go anywhere near Fox News and you might be as puzzled as I that she doesn’t drop in now and then to see what the competition is doing. It says, within her limited scope, that she is an honest purist and doesn’t want to sully her beautiful mind (grin) with any contact with Mr. HIV’s efforts to put every living thing in the emergency room of soul peril.

Does anyone doubt the need for an Apocalypse? The next couple of days could well give us one more enduring example that it is very much here. The signs are right and the times are spot on. So long as men like Rupert Murdoch are allowed to prosper and perform, the world needs a wake-up call and life under murderous scum like this dark icon, are all the evidence we need that a great price must be paid, until a traveling guillotine comes into effect for all such miserable creatures.

It’s been said, “By their works ye shall know them”. In that case, can you imagine what must go on in Rupert’s private life? Can you imagine what it must be like inside his mind? I can see flaming wreckage and souls crying out in torment, as Rupert travels in this thoughts thinking, “How can I increase it”?

I am near finished with my next novel, “The Curious Tale of Ash and the Whine” (still looking for people to read what’s done; it won’t hurt sales because the final part and the ending are something Poe might appreciate… criticism before publication is a lot more useful than criticism after the fact. I’m not into 20-20 hindsight. Heck, I sent it out to a couple of people who asked to read it and they haven’t even answered me.) …and there is a character in there based on Rupert. Heck, unlike most books that have that big disclaimer about no one being recognizable, everyone is but… who is who? Aye that’s the rubdown. Hey, go ahead and sue me. Not only do you give me publicity that money can’t buy but I don’t have anything.

I do in this book something very similar to what Rupert does in reverse. I say things that I have never seen said in this kind of format; there must be a reason for it (grin) and they are true. Rupert says things (through his proxies) that are beyond anything I’ve ever seen for consistency of prevarication, more so than anything I had previously seen, in any similar Zio-Ogre operation of any size.

Rupert, like the rest of his Israeli whore handmaidens, likes to fabricate polls about what the public thinks, alongside of photos of exaggerated cows udders (got milk?), to tell the public what it thinks, so that the public won’t be confused about it. These polls are lies from the ground up. The majority of the world DOES NOT support Israel and the majority of world leaders do, in opposition to the very principal they were put into office to fulfill. The war in Libya now continues because Israeli-hired mercenaries are carrying it out. Of course, there is no mention of this in the catamite media.

These polls are skewed to push, gay marriage (part of the effort to destroy Christianity); by the way, opposition to gay marriage has nothing to do with one’s perspective on being gay. Everyone is gay in one life or another, just as everyone gets to be all the colors and creeds. They are skewered to push the wars, economic policies, slander of any opposition and whatever the hell else they want to push. Most of the public KNOWS that 9/11 was an inside job but… yeah, you know.

All of this comes at the behest of Israel that was created out of myth on many- every- level(s) and is really just an organized crime syndicate and the seat of The Dark Lord on this planet. They needed to be a country because then… then you can get away with a whole lot more. As people like Murdoch, publish endless lies about this mass-murdering, mob enterprise and as it is echoed by lesser minions everywhere, the scope and details of Israel’s crimes are more and more in a position to come face to face with The Apocalypse. This is all being engineered from the force of the approaching avatar as he precipitates down from the inner planes, sweeping all of the entrenched malefactors before him, into the material plane for judgment; nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

This is the reason that Israeli interests and the long term agenda of the same have been becoming increasingly more public. They are actually working against their intended results by the manipulation of an unseen hand. They were quietly going about it in the shadows for a long time and now they’re trumpeting themselves in public. That’s not good strategy. It’s the same thing that is causing world leaders and so many public figures to identify and define themselves, to their lasting shame, for a few pieces of silver or the lack of necessary courage and integrity. Everything is seen and will get its earned imprimatur when the time arrives. They’re singing their song before hand. After comes the backhand.

Rupert, I wouldn’t want to be you, although I know there’s a part of you in all of us, more or less restrained, whereas you are the absolute liberty as license, of those bacteria you are the poster boy for. What the ingenious mind of the cosmos has in store for you, I could not guess but one day you will hear that word, “incoming”, in both senses of the word.

As a possible digression, let me say that so many of these new age gurus who declare Obama as a ‘lightworker’, work for the same source you do, like the ones who come up with absurd and commercially directed efforts, aptly titled, “Honoring your Rage“, or “Rampage of Love“. They’re all out there looking for one more way to say, “Send me your money”! …until they wind up selling things like this and this. One should take a gander at the degree to which this whole ‘industry’ has raised trivia to an art-form. They’re sunbathing on the soft side of the Riviera, across the inlet from Rupert. It’s like the way T’ai Chi relates to Kung Fu. I’ll be putting up a post today here that explains what I intend to do with any money that comes my way and which is being set up before hand as a protection against what happens to so many people when they get this $ in their eyes instead of pupils. Isn’t the pupil one of the places where the master is supposed to live?

Rupert, you are a boil on the fat ass of humanity that no longer resembles the term. You’re an infected sore, crying out for penicillin. You are an STD that is the product of a “fuck ‘em all” mentality. Your day is arriving, Rupert and we shall see the meaning of that phrase; “Sunlight is the best disinfectant”. Your day is coming.

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