Monsanto, by any other Name, would be Murder Most Foul. March 29, 2011

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(Before we get into our world class deserving, Profile of Evil, let me make a brief statement. Several people mentioned that one should not air their dirty laundry in public. First of all, there was no dirty laundry. Second of all, if one doesn’t do it, it will be done for them, while they are in it. This is The Apocalypse, a fact I am particularly cognizant of. Sometimes things happen at these blogs, where the motivation is not readily apparent. Sometimes the reason for things is not the most obvious reason. I will add, in respect of this, the appearance of the individual from Origami, at the location mentioned in Smoking Mirrors. Now we’ll go back to the usual fare like nothing ever happened at all.)

There are few entities more richly deserving of a placement in Profiles of Evil than Monsanto; The Rothschilds, the pharmaceutical industry, the international arms industry, Goldman Sachs, Monsanto is right up there with them.

It should come as no surprise that Mon-Santo- My Satan- came into being as a Zionist enterprise. You can’t turn over a rock in a bad location, without that connection being made. You can seldom mention the pernicious effect of this demonic movement (Zionism), without someone coming along and telling you that they are just useful idiots being manipulated by others. You’re never going to convince me of this. I will concede that they are manipulated by the heart of darkness itself.

{I’d be remiss in my obligations if I didn’t, right now, mention the passing of one who was not a Profile in Evil. One of the great writers of our time, Joe Bageant passed on. If you’ve never read Joe, you’re in for a treat. I think I can say with some confidence that Joe has gone to his reward. Thank you, my friend, for your love affair with the truth. Thank you for doing it in public without shame. My greatest sorrow in your passing is that there aren’t more like you. I’m sorry I never got to sit on your porch with you and have a chat. You have my admiration and respect and I will see you up the road.}

There aren’t many companies that can claim they have caused hundreds, thousands of people to commit suicide, but Monsanto can. Monsanto is a modern version of The Black Plague and just as that was created by fleas hosted by rats well, I’ve no doubt Monsanto came into being by similar means.

There aren’t many companies that can claim to have successfully sued and ruined hundreds, thousands of farmers; some of the greatest unsung heroes of our times and one of the few, absolutely critical linchpins of society, but Monsanto can. There are probably no other companies that can claim the right and prove it; that a farmer has committed a crime when Monsanto’s demon seeds are carried on the wind and sprout in their fields, accidentally on purpose. How many companies can say that they even wound up with the farm that their seeds sprouted on?

Here are some of Monsanto’s fine contributions to contemporary life; dioxin, rBGH, PCBs and DDT. Monsanto also makes Roundup, the kissing cousin of Agent Orange. Monsanto also makes Agent Orange. Dow also made it, as did a few other firms. I’m mentioning this so that you don’t have to write in and tell me (grin). Here are the public kingpins of Monsanto. They’ve even got someone named ‘Snively’. Here are their major shareholders.

Monsanto must go the way of their product and be buried in the ground without the possibility of sprouting. It is permissible for them to grow in the opposite direction.

Monsanto has an army of lawyers around the globe, who operate under a common policy. It’s like Coca Cola and United Fruit in the third world. If there’s any particular property that they have in mind, all they’ve got to do is toss some seeds on it and then get a warrant. If you save your seeds, Monsanto can take your farm.

Let me tell you a little known fact about The Apocalypse. It is always attended by cosmic agency and it follows a schedule. It arrives at a particular time. Think of the planets of influence and their orbits as gears in a watch. The primary entry of The Apocalypse is awakening and this is accomplished through two mediums; external events and internal reactions. This is the initiatory stage. This stage is followed by identification of problem environments and a general response is stoked by governmental and economic policies. These are always in an oppressive state when The Apocalypse arrives and then they are amped up by cosmic forces that have a particular resolution in mind. A bellows is applied via public outrage, which is pumped up by increasingly insane antics, on the part of the ruling authorities; things like TSA, the lifestyles of the rich and famous and notable hypocrisies that are made known to those enduring under the bootheels of the psychopaths.

In the secondary, or it might be the tertiary phase, icons of industry, finance and government are made into targets, based on groundswells of evidence, concerning malfeasance and favoritism; bank bailouts, wars of various dimensions on the public, coupled with intensifying need. You are already seeing portions of this but it is about to go nova and the high and mighty are going to be living in direct fear of their lives. Monsanto is going to be right in the eye of this fury because they, like their vile associates in sister operations, are going to be inspired to behave ever more badly and their behavior is going to lead to increasing calamities upon the body public.

If you check your deck of cards, you will notice that The Jokers are now missing. They have become incarnate and animate and they are at work all over the place, turning every act of the high and mighty against them. Up to this point, The Apocalypse has only been engaged in minor tweaking; a little upskirt here, a little upskirt there, combined with some rattle and hum from Mother Nature and the assemblage of engaged entities that are now in motion for the benefit of humanity. It might not look like it is in humanities benefit, given all the exit tickets that are being handed out; the results of the misadventure in Japan are much worse than you are being led to believe, but there’s all sort of other dynamics coming up real soon and the whole shebang is in your interest.

As the poet said, “April is the cruelest month”, my spidey sense tells me this is unfortunately true but we’ll be walking in cruel shoes well past that. What doesn’t get mentioned very often, since it all looks like calamity is that good fortune and general cosmic benevolence is going to start falling upon various good folk, like rain in the desert so, you hang in there.

I haven’t said a great deal about Monsanto because most all of what I could say is known to you and, in any case, I want to invite the readers to add their details and perspectives into the comments section. This is a group effort and the quality of the readers that come here are the major portion of what makes these blogs the place to be. Is there a finer fellowship anywhere else? I don’t think so. This is no accident as will also be seen shortly. Oh there are some pretty mind bending surprises coming up but I’m not going to talk about those, because they wouldn’t be surprises then, would they?

Let me just say that you would have to hitchhike for a long way before you came across a nastier bunch of sleazy, killer clowns than Monsanto. As the play on words with the name says, they are agents of The Dark Lord, who is going to turn into an angel of light when judgment time comes around. What the Dark Lord does is compile the evidence concerning all of his followers and then turns into The Cosmic District Attorney. I’m talking about this because secondary and tertiary phases are coming around the corner and one doesn’t have to wait on the other because we are playing three dimensional chess with Escher.

I condemn you Monsanto and declare that your former protections are gone. I condemn you and declare you prize game in the context of open season. I tell you Monsanto that, though you think to cover the Earth like you were a paint company commercial, you are going to be hard pressed to find any portion of it to hide in. Almost anything can happen now and surprisingly quick, for that matter. Forget all you’ve formerly believed about time and the limitations of this plane of being because in any number of cases, they no longer apply.

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