Larry Silverstein Gives Shithouse Rats a Bad Name March 7, 2011

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We’re still a week away from the Ides of March, so Henry Kissinger will have to wait a little longer. That’s no reason why we can’t celebrate his un(soul)ed brother, Larry, ‘the rat’ Silverstein.

Larry looks like the kind of guy that gets arrested near a playground in a trench coat with a Hebrew National wiener strapped to his own. The reason for that is he is working the whole street’s worth of moms and kids. It’s not like there’s enough force in his own to make the Hebrew National salute. No amount of exposure is going to accomplish that. He has to be able to kill the women and children to get hard and I suppose the only positive result we get from that is the premature ejaculation.

Larry looks like a rat. He looks just like one of those NYC dumpster rats outside a Chinese Restaurant on Canal Street, dressed up in a three piece suit. I’m not singling the Chinese out for this. It might have something to do with Canal Street. I shouldn’t go on without giving you a picture of Larry along with some bio. I don’t think I have to use another link for the Ratster (who will be known from now on as Ratso Silverstein), because the Aussie who wrote this, and who I think may be connected to that Wake From your Slumber crowd, has said it all.

I can’t be grateful enough for all of the fine bloggers who take care of the details. I’m not that much of a details guy; more of a big picture person. There are some unusual writers out there that I check in on now and then and if you ever want to know who they are you need only ask me. I don’t really follow anyone, so if your name is not on the list of only around 2 people don’t feel overlooked or ignored. My focus is on the invisible and what I’m supposed to be doing here. I don’t even listen to music anymore. I bring this up simply to point out that I think one of the reasons I don’t have more name recognition and contact from many people in the field, is that I have this annoying habit of talking about the divine.

I keep religion out of it and I stay away from rules, regulations, dogma and cant but that’s not enough. Just to mention the divine, curdles the blood of a lot of highly intelligent people, because they bought into religion actually having anything to do with the divine. They’re angry with religion, is what it is, and since all neo-Pharisees and Zio-Ogres are atheists, they’ve got these guys right where they want them. Some of them believe in their own powers and that cancels out concerns about the divine and some of them don’t know what to think and opted for scotch over psychedelics, which does have an effect. In some cases, like Hunter Thompson, William Burroughs and others, it didn’t matter how many psychedelics they took; the connection wasn’t going to be made in this lifetime.

Talking about God and not being a member of an established church is bound to get you isolated, because you’re not talking the party line or, on the other hand, stating that there is no line or that the line is disconnected. I know two things; one of them is that the divine bares scant resemblance to what religion makes it out to be because they need a large piece of the action and that diminishes, by degree, their understanding of what they are supposed to be representing. The other thing I know is that the God the atheists don’t believe in doesn’t exist.

Sorry about the digression but I can do what I want to do and I usually have a reason for the things I say and for when I say them. I don’t always explain but that’s usually because everything I do is monitored to the degree that I don’t even notice it any more.

Back to Larry, ‘the Shithouse Rat’, Silverstein. Larry’s mobbed up in the only real, long term criminal enterprise besides The Vatican on the planet. I suppose you could include the Satanists as well but they’re comprised of mostly the same people. They like to give you the impression that there’s an Italian Mob and probably most people think Bugsy Siegel along with Mickey from LA and Meyer from Miami are Italian. People think the Italian Mob owns Las Vegas (snicker). Of course there was Al Capone and others and they had their moment but they’re junior varsity. Like the Irish Mob in New England, they’re only around to be trotted out as a form of misdirection from the real item.

Larry Silverstein is not only a cold blooded, calculating, premeditating, mass murdering, still in the business, vampire from Hell, but he also was a profiteer from this activity and to show you the kind of power this shit house rat has (appearance of power), he got everyone to pay him off double for his losses, of which there weren’t any; not when you consider the benefits the whole thing brought to the nation he serves.

Maybe Larry isn’t a rat specifically, with those reptile eyes and rats are warm blooded. He’s more like a creature from outer space or something that crawled up another evolutionary track, out of ancient hog lagoons that The Devil had pissed in, after a hard night out on the town. I suspect the special FX people had to work overtime to give him that human appearance in a suit. Larry’s a friend of the Prime Minister of Israel who was in NYC on the day, overseeing the event, that was also participated in by Dov Zakheim and mastermind Ehud Barak and a cast of supporting actors you can find listed here, in another fine piece of detail work. I can’t imagine a punishment that is suitable for these monsters, but I’ll leave that to the infinite imagination of the divine who told me, “You watch how creative I can be”.

Yes, Larry isn’t a rat in the species genre. He’s a special blend of the worst to be found in all the various kingdoms of existence. They took a gene from the Poison Nightshade plant, some uranium or similar substance from the mineral kingdom; maybe more from both …and they took various genes from the animal kingdom, after some work got done on them at Fort Detrick and then they went into Hell and got some choice samples also. They sent probes into outer space to forbidden worlds and brought back life forms and elements that went into the mix …and didn’t forget other dimensions in their research and harvesting of everything bad and noxious, that was available everywhere that could be arrived at.

Larry, you’re a living, breathing piece of shit. You’re a stone cold, dead in the body, anti-life marauder, who makes The Vikings that plundered the Irish Coast and the Barbary Pirates look more like benign Disney characters by comparison. You’re an ooze of death that infects at a distance, the way garlic emanates from the room after a Turkish wedding (I love garlic but it can be pervasive if you eat it with meat). You’re a walking, talking HIV virus of something that crawled up somewhere and died and then got revitalized by some kind of radioactive infusion of evil. You’re right up there with the rest of the heavy weights, although your role as front man does make you second tier. I’d like to see you beaten to death with pig bladders, embedded with razor blades, by a mob of feral, Favela kids …but that would have to be the denouement. A lot more would be necessary, leading up to the event and it would have to be an eternal looping as well. It’s a clear example of how evil you are that you can get me to talk this way, because there is no other way to talk and it still needs to be said.

You and your friends are going to a special section of Hell that is so bad that even Hell denies any connection to it and Satan is on record for saying, “Hey, there are some things I wouldn’t do, don’t associate me with that place”. You’re going there and if I have anything to say about it, it’s going to be online and onscreen and available at the video rental store for anyone who needs closure.

Larry, I guess you know by now that I don’t much care for you, but I’ll bet Bill Maher does. You are what makes ‘compassion for all living things’ such a difficult art and proof that I haven’t reached that station yet. However, there’s no proof that you are a living thing either. Like I said, you’re anti-life. We’re looking forward to the commencement ceremonies Larry. It’s going to be one of the hits of the season.

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