Israel; the Ace of Spades of Evil. March 23, 2011

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‘There are some things a dog won’t do, that’s why there are Israelis’.

Well, I do take requests. It’s nice to warm up because it’s been a while since I did any performing but that’s on the docket, coming up, so I hear. Speaking of requests, someone asked me to do a Profile of Evil on Monsanto (My Satan), which happens to be (don’t act surprised) a Zionista construction. However, there’s a last minute change in plans because of the world situation. Let’s talk today about the true Evil Empire, Israel. Israel would be The Ace of Spades when it comes to evil. Israel isn’t a country; it’s a state of mind. Professional serial killers often say to themselves, when they’re feeling particularly bloody, “I’m in an Israeli state of mind”.

Israel is planning to kill a whole lot of Palestinians real soon. That’s what it means when they start launching bottle rockets into stolen lands and causing serious damage, like some Israeli broke a nail. They know the hour is getting late but they don’t quite grasp what’s coming. They are about to become pariahs the world over. Everything they’ve been up to is going to be exposed. They are the primary target of The Apocalypse.

Now, I don’t know for sure but it looks to me like they just tried to kill Angela Merkel. It looks to me like Merkel and others are hip to their game and even shut down their nuclear reactors because, surprise, surprise, Israel is doing security there too. Israel doesn’t like the Germans because the Germans are some of the brightest people on the planet and are about to get their mojo back. All kinds of things are coming front and center and you are hearing about it here. I stand by what I’m saying and you will see whether I know what I’m talking about. The Evil Empire is about to get a world class butt-kicking from the master of butt-kicking. Those that aren’t dead are going to wish they were and death’s no escape either. I’ve got my reasons for saying what I’m saying now and what you are soon going to be hearing here. Awaken friends! Watch and learn.

There’s a couple of things that have to do with me that Israel doesn’t like at all and they can’t understand why force and more force isn’t being used on people like me. They’re about to find out the answer to that question. Their curiosity is about to be satiated.

The high and the mighty are being informed as I write these words. Look for the unreal to become commonplace shortly. In this world, some of us get the short end of the stick, or so it seems. That’s because some of us fancy near, ‘seeming’, mythical beings and serve interests that don’t pay off in the marketplace and… who knows more about the marketplace and the funeral parlors than those nasty little serpents in Israel and all over the world where they are playing snatch and grab and prospering by dint of threats and bribes and blackmail?

These times are different than any times you have read about or ever heard about. So, what may have been so for the long suffering among us, is about to be stood on its head. Sometimes you back the right horse and that horse is going to offer you a ride. I’m talking super-charged Pegasus and you’re going to be seeing a great deal of what I am talking about, this year and starting as of… last night? Yeah, last night.

There’s a blockhead with some kind of TV show called The Young Turks. He’s all hot and bothered about Glenn Beck saying things about people who happen to be Jews. Well, Glenn Beck’s a bit of a surprise in some ways. However, it takes a real moron not to see the total control of western governments by Jewish interests. They’re out there doing business in broad daylight. Some people may have reservations about Stuxnet and Japan and so on and so forth but I have none. Any time I hear about anything bad happening in the world, I instantly ask myself, “okay, what’s Israel’s angle here? They’re about to show the world, as if they haven’t already, just what psychopathic snake dancers they are and dancing is not going to be the word; inferring style and grace in movement. It’s going to be more like a chicken on a griddle.

They are in for a big surprise. They are in for a really big surprise. I know a lot of you out there don’t believe in anything. You can’t see it; it’s not there; even though you can see it indirectly in everything. Of course, your sense of time and the meaning of justice is a tad (snicker) limited. But some of us have had the veils parted. That’s why some of us talk the way we do and also why no one fucks with us; like you would naturally assume someone would. Wasup wit dat?

I’m not going to list the crimes of Israel. I will say, they’ve done more harm in such a short time than any other country that’s been around for any time. If I start listing the crimes, I’ll be here all day and I got better things to do; like celebrate some things I just found out. I don’t usually drink but I’m having some fine Rothaus Pils this day, celebrating the long overdue, finally arriving.

Here are some things you can look for; incredible meltdowns in the media where people say things and can’t figure out why, pants down events, humbling of the self-styled great, seriously embarrassing moments that are also, seriously funny. You can go ahead and feel sorry for them. That’s what makes you different. Oh, but Israel and your whores in high places and your villainous associates sucking the lifeblood of the public… the time has arrived and I am pleased and honored to announce it. You may cry out for the Earth to cover you but, good luck with that.

It’s not all going to be punishment but there will be a significant amount, specifically to each and everyone according to what they been up to and rewards across the board for the good guys, cause the good guys are going to win and win big. Watch and see. My own personal fortunes are off the charts and I can say, with some degree of authority that people reading these words are going to find that true of them. Oh… you have no idea. You can’t imagine, trust me. Hey! Don’t trust me. It don’t matter. Watch and see.

Now, there’s some things, quite a few things, I’m not telling you. I don’t have to. It will be self evident. Well, look at that, Elizabeth Taylor passed on.

Oh yeah, I could be wack, but I’m not and I look forward to every moment now as vindication runs amuck and censure walks the halls of power. Tremble, fools. Shake in your boots and shit yourself because it’s walking among you. Watch and see.

Israel is being made toxic for those who wanted it so badly. Oh boy, are you in for it. I was told by a reputable source (chuckle) “Watch how ingenious I can be and watch what happens when they go to the other guy and he tells them he’s me too and only played the role to gather the evidence”. Well, a lot of them have been informed already. I was there, sort of, when it happened. Yes, I wish I could discuss this and talk about what happened last night and is still happening today but… why spoil the surprise?

There’s not going to be any more Israel, built on Holocaust tales while causing them in far greater dimensions on and on; Viva Palestine!!! Okay you warmongering shitheels, you vicious predatory monsters, the floodgates are opening and powers and protections are removed; all that was in place to set the stage. Tremble Obama! Tremble Blankfein, Rothschild and Murdoch! You are in for some serious action and some of you have only been kept alive against this moment. Well, the time is here. Watch and see.

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